ARTYMIS 343CQR, Ultra-Wide 1000R 34-inch Monitor

MSI has announced a new gaming monitor called the ARTYMIS 343CQR. This monitor is a curved gaming monitor that is AI integrated and has a 34-inch wingspan with 1000R curvature that is supposedly perfect for the curvature of the human eye. There are no clear details about which panel is used by this monitor, but seen in the picture this monitor has a very futuristic design.

This futuristic design can be seen from the very thin bezel design to almost no bezel. In addition, the V-shaped stand has a large clearance to make cable management easier. On the back there is the characteristic MSI dragon logo and an LED strip, both of which have RGB lighting.

This monitor has a resolution of 3440 × 1440 (Ultra-Wide) with a response time of 1 ms and is HDR400 certified. For some features built into AI, here are the features:

The OptixScope is a patented, built-in view magnification feature that provides eight levels of magnification and a key combination that allows you to quickly change the magnification. In addition, the mouse’s DPI is automatically reduced

OSD allows users to control their monitor display in the software window

The ARTYMIS series removes all communication barriers and features a noise-canceling microphone that eliminates noise through AI calculations and supports communication between teammates with clearer voice quality to achieve the best teamwork for the ultimate victory.

Due to the AI ​​calculation, the target point automatically changes color and is visible at all times. The ARTYMIS series uses AI to calculate the color around the red point and automatically adjusts it to a color that contrasts with the surrounding color to ensure that you can always easily see the target point when aiming at the enemy.

Adjust the details of the dark areas and keep the details of the light areas through AI calculations so that the image is bright but not overexposed.

MSI said this monitor will be available in December 2020, unfortunately pricing information is not yet available.