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Playing with a regular monitor or a gaming monitor has a different experience. With a normal monitor, the movement of characters can be such that the colors displayed are not smooth. When a gaming monitor offers smooth movement, the colors displayed are very beautiful and please the eyes. This time we have a BenQ XL2746S monitor. This gaming monitor from BenQ aka Zowie promises a maximum gaming experience with several functions offered. We’ll start with the specifications first.



This monitor comes with several supporting accessories, namely the stand with screw, warranty card, manual, power cord, DisplayPort cable, shield, and a round remote control called S-switch.


Installing the stand itself is quite easy as the stand has its own screws that are already installed. Unfortunately, the shielding is a little tricky to install because of the hole that the screw in has the same cover as the accent line around this monitor.


This monitor has the lowest dimensions at 41.9 cm and the highest at 55.8 cm, a width of 63.2 cm and a length of 22.5 cm. The tilt level of this monitor can be adjusted from -5 to 20 degrees by moving the screen forward or backward. For the dimensions itself, this monitor is quite a large size, but the stand that comes with it is fully adjustable. Additionally, you can attach a VESA mount to the back of the monitor if you don’t want to use a stand on your desk.


This monitor design is quite minimalist for a gaming monitor size, like a professional design monitor without RGB accents with backlighting all over the body with thin bezels on all four sides.

There is a 27-inch flat screen on the front, and there are several control buttons for this monitor on the lower panel.

In addition, there are plastic grooves on the left and right bezel, which BenQ named Shield. You can use these notches to cover the left and right sides of the screen to protect it from other players who may want to take a look at your position while playing, yes the term mirror. Also, this shield will keep your focus better so that for esports professionals you can stay focused and usually use it even more in a place with lots of light so your eyes stay on the screen.

Turned backwards, there is only a red Zowie logo on top. Meanwhile, there are strips on the side of the monitor in which there are holes for attaching the shield screw to this monitor. For the stand, this monitor has a square stand which makes this monitor more stable if the table is accidentally touched.


This 27 inch monitor uses a TN panel or is commonly known as a Twisted Nematic. It has a brightness of 320 nits, an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and a surface that is provided with a matt coating so that it is free from room light reflections. Although the panel uses a TN panel, the color gamut of this monitor is very high with 98% sRGB, 70% NTSC and 75% AdobeRGB. With such a wide color gamut, this monitor becomes a multifunctional monitor. Both games and content creation activities are very convenient with this monitor.

In addition, BenQ has integrated Black Equalizer, Color Vibrance and DyAc + technology into this monitor to make gaming sessions even more solid.

With the Black Equalizer, dark areas in some playing cards appear a little lighter without being overexposed. By switching to color vibrancy, colors are displayed more precisely and accurately so that enemies can be seen clearly without being obscured by other images.

For DyAc + itself, this technology minimizes the blurring that occurs when the crosshairs and the character being played move, so that the recoil can be better controlled by the player in the FPS game. The combination of Black Equalizer and DyAc + will surely benefit the players of FPS and their derivatives.

Function key

BenQ has pinned 6 buttons that you can use to navigate this monitor’s OSD menu. The 6 buttons consist of 4 navigation buttons, 1 back button and 1 on / off button.


BenQ has incorporated many functions into this monitor to make you feel more comfortable while playing games with this monitor. One of these functions is AMA or Advanced Monitor Acceleration. This feature can be accessed through the OSD which, when activated, has a very short entry delay, so avoiding ghosting.

In addition to AMA, there is also a sign that was explained earlier so that you can better remember it. This shield is a notch that you can use to cover the left and right of the screen to keep it safe from light interference or others that can affect your focus, and the last is Preset Picture Mode which can be used to set the color settings on this monitor .

S switch

In addition to using the buttons on the monitor, the OSD menu on this monitor can also be accessed using the S switch. S Switch itself is a remote control that allows you to access the OSD menu more easily and quickly. Also, the color profile on this monitor can be changed by pressing buttons 1, 2 and 3 if necessary. By default, button 1 changes the color profile so that it is optimal for CSGO games, button 2 for PUBG games, and button 3 for everyday use like browsing or watching movies.

Now the 3 buttons for changing the color profile on the S-Switch can also be adapted to the currently selected picture mode. By simply pressing button 1 or 2 or 3 for 3 seconds, this is saved in the destination button.

I / O port

For the I / O port itself, this monitor is classified as a fairly complete I / O port. On the back of the left side there is a headphone stand, a USB port, a headphone input and a microphone input. While underneath there is a Kensington lock.

For input, this monitor provides pretty complete input. Based on the DVI-DL connection, HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2.

power consumption

In terms of power consumption itself, this monitor is very economical. On this monitor specifications website, BenQ states that this monitor consumes 55W. However, after we tested it directly with the wattmeter, it became apparent that this monitor had different power consumption depending on the color profile. If you use the first color profile specifically for CSGO games, the power consumption will be in the range of 19W, while the second and third color profiles are for PUBG and everyday use. The same power consumption is around 17 W.


BenQ Zowie XL2746S is a very solid monitor for gamers who focus on FPS genre games like CSGO to Valorant. For example, this monitor is based on DyAc + technology, which is very effective at minimizing blurring in crosshairs and characters that appear during movement so that recoil is better controlled. Not only that, the presence of a shield on this monitor makes players who play at the i Cafe feel at home as the shield function can increase the player’s focus. Yes, although i-cafe rarely uses this monitor because of the price. For the price itself, this BenQ Zowie XL2746S is priced at IDR 12,000,000. While the price sounds expensive, it is in line with what this monitor offers for its DyAc + technology, e.g. B. a refresh rate with 27 inc dimensions and high color gamut. For those of you who have tried this monitor once, you shouldn’t want to go back to the 60Hz monitor.