ViewSonic launches portable monitor | Pemmzchannel

ViewSonic announced the introduction of two new 15.6-inch portable monitors, the TD1655 with touchscreen and the VG1655 with traditional displays. Both offer a one-cable solution to streamline the process of visualizing content from laptops, smartphones and game consoles. Two Type-C ports are available for 60W bidirectional power so users can charge with their portable monitor at the same time.

The TD / VG1655 monitor measures 15.6 inches, weighs less than 1 kg and is 6 mm thin so it can be used anywhere. Both offer two-way, one-wire transmission that delivers power, touch signals, and audiovisual media. The built-in device includes the rear legs and the screen can be rotated so that we can adjust the viewing angle or the orientation of the portrait or landscape screen to suit the usage requirements.

The ViewSonic TD / VG1655 portable monitor does not want to be confused with similar products on the market and comes with a 60W PD (Power Delivery) adapter. In this way, the USB Type-C port can supply power and transmit sound at the same time via every single connected cable. In practice, a connected laptop can turn on the ViewSonic TD / VG1655 monitor or vice versa. Both types of monitors can charge the laptop while in use with a PD adapter.

The TD / VG1655 monitor can be given the title “robust” in the form of a solid iron frame with a magnet-coated plate that serves as both a cover and a placemat, as well as an aluminum leg.

Such a design is useful as a mobile work device or helps create work areas in different rooms in an office or home without feeling uncomfortable or worrying about being damaged quickly. The TD1655 monitor (touch version) already has a 6H resistor and scratch protection, even against key friction.

The ViewSonic TD / VG1655 portable monitor can be used on various operating systems including Windows, Android, Chrome and MacOS. We can pair it with any laptop, tablet, smartphone or game console.

ViewSonic TD1655 (touchscreen) is available and costs IDR 4,550,000. In the meantime, the ViewSonic VG1655 (regular screen) will be available on Saturday, October 10th, 2020.