Antec releases DP502 FLUX, ATX-sized PC case

Antec has released the Dark League DP502 PC case. This PC case can accommodate motherboard sizes from Mini-ITX, mATX to ATX. The PC case is wrapped in gray or black and has a relatively simple design. However, there is a control panel cover on the front that allows more airflow and access to the 5.25-inch slot when opened. Three 120 mm ARGB fans are installed on the front, while the case offers space for up to five fans. This PC case uses a 4mm thick tempered glass material on the side panels and uses engineered screws without the need for a screwdriver to make the side panel easy and quick to open.

One of the fans in the PC case is on the back, which acts as an air outlet, while the last 120 mm fan is attached to the top of the power supply compartment.

On the storage side, this PC case can accommodate up to three 3.5-inch hard drives, three 2.5-inch SSDs and even five 2.5-inch SSDs if no 3.5-inch hard drive is installed . For the maximum size of the GPU itself, this chassis can support GPUs up to 405mm in length, and the maximum power supply length supported by this chassis can support 205mm. The Dark League DP502 FLUX PC case has a maximum CPU cooler height of 175 mm.

Image source: Wccftech

It offers enough space for cable management. The back of the motherboard offers 26.5 mm and the sides 34.5 mm space for clean and controlled cable management.

The price for this PC case is USD 69.99 (or 1 million rupiah, current exchange rate). Unfortunately, there is no certainty whether this PC case will hit the Indonesian market or not.