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POCO X3 NFC, which Xiaomi will launch on October 15, 2020, offers features that will pamper mobile gamers. This includes having a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240 Hz. These two features will surely be welcomed by mobile game players as they can ensure their victory while playing or “playing” together.

For mobile gamers, smartphones with such features offer a much better experience, for example in high-speed games where they have to aim or shoot quickly. The high sample rate offers a combination of highly sensitive controls and faster response.

Touch sample rate is simply defined as the responsiveness of the screen to commands from a fingertip touch in one second and then reacts to the next image. With a high touch sample rate, a smartphone reacts faster to user orders and shows the next image on the screen faster.

A smartphone with a touch sampling rate of 240 Hz offers a 33% better response compared to other flagship smartphones in Indonesia.

The term touch sampling rate is different from the refresh rate, which measures how many images can be updated (updated) per second. For this reason, if a smartphone screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, it means that the screen can update 120 images every second.

Compared to the 60 Hz industry standard, this means that smartphone screens with 120 Hz capability can display smoother image movements due to higher refresh rates.

The presence of a touch sample rate is closely related to the refresh rate as the tier increases with a smoother display and faster response. The screen can also be a determining factor in winning a gaming session.

MSI PRO 24X technical data and prices

MSI announces the launch of the new All-in-One Desktops for PC and MSI Pro Series to meet the needs of work or home study in the new normal era. With high performance, stability and security as well as an elegant appearance, the MSI Pro series is the first choice for a flexible work and study environment.

One of the flagship products of the MSI PRO series is the MSI PRO 24X, a desktop and all-in-one PC that was developed for both commercial and professional use. Just a 6.5mm thick and 2.2mm thin bezel, metal stand, and brushed metal pattern on the back make for a stylish and contemporary design. MSI PRO 24X is not only easy on the eyes, but also supports the VESA mount so that it can be easily attached to the wall.

MSI PRO 24X has a 23.8 inch wide IPS panel display with a collection of optimized colors and an eye-friendly brightness. The screen supports MSI Anti-Flicker and Anti-Glare so that the eyes do not get tired when working on a computer for a long time.

MSI Anti-Flicker Technology prevents this by stabilizing the flow of current and thus preventing the screen from flickering. With this technology, the eyes do not tire easily. Anti-glare technology on the screen reduces the light reflected from the screen. As a result, the user’s eyes also do not easily become tired, dry, and tense, thereby minimizing the risk of wearing glasses in the future.

This desktop and all-in-one PC features Intel 10th generation Intel CPU and M.2 SSD, as well as 2.5-inch hard drive options, so it offers powerful performance for any task. MSI offers two PRO 24X variants with prices from IDR 12 million for the Intel i3 processor variant and from IDR 13 million for the Intel i5 variant.

Both are reinforced with 4 GB DDR4 RAM storage capacity and 1 TB hard drive. PRO 24X is also equipped with WIFI + BT function, Windows Home operating system, keyboard and mouse. So that users only need to plug this device into one power source, it can work out of the box. MSI also offers a 2-year official dealer guarantee on spare parts and services.

MSI Pro 24X is equipped with MSI Easy Maintenance Design, so maintenance or upgrades to 2.5-inch storage are no longer a problem. Dual LAN design can support internet and intranet networks. This dual LAN design also supports NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD when users want faster system startup and application loading.

In addition, the two LAN slots of the MSI Pro 24X support dual LAN security, which offers fast, stable and secure Internet and intranet connectivity. This design provides excellent protection against hacker attacks. In dual LAN security, one slot is assigned to an Internet connection and another slot is assigned to the intranet. The Internet connection cannot be integrated into the intranet, so that malicious people on the Internet cannot break into the local network and steal important data.

MSI also offers an external HDMI output so that users can have a second screen for a wider view, making it easier to access professional data and improving work efficiency.

ASUS releases Maximus XII Extreme Gundam, Mobo Z490 Gundam Special Edition

ASUS will launch the ROG Maximus XII Extreme Gundam motherboard based on the Intel Z490 chipset and the Gundam theme. Images of the motherboard were leaked by Videocardz and the motherboard has an EFSF (Earth Federation Space Force) color theme with EK monoblock for CPU, VRM and PCH.

In fact, this motherboard is a standard version of the ROG Maximus XII motherboard added to the EK monoblock and has an EFSF color theme especially for Gundam fans.

In terms of specs, the Maximus XII Extreme uses a VRM made up of 16 Infineon power stages (TDA21490) that can handle up to 90A, 45A microfine alloy chokes and high quality Japanese capacitors with a lifespan of over 10,000 hours. This 16-phase VRM is powered by a double 8-pin connector which itself supplies power to the PWM unit and the LGA 1200 socket.

Image source: Videocardz

Additional specifications include four DDR4 DIMM slots that can support capacities of up to 128 GB at speeds of up to 4800 MHz + (32 GB capacity works with DDR4-3600 CL16 with Optimem III) This motherboard uses an 8-layer circuit board and comes with the aforementioned EK monoblock, which includes the CPU, VRM and PCH for additional cooling in custom loop setups. There is also an aluminum heat sink cover near the PCIe slot that cools the M.2 slot. ASUS uses highly conductive thermal pads to ensure that heat is effectively transferred to the heat sink block.

This motherboard has 2 PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, one PCIe 3.0 x4 slot and a total of 4 M.2 slots, two of which are cooled by the aluminum case heatsink and two in the DIMM.2 module that comes with this motherboard and has its own heat sink. The Maximus XII Extreme is an EATX size.

The ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme costs USD 749.99 (or around 11 million rupiah, current exchange rates), so the limited version of GUNDAM should be sold for around USD 1000 (or around 14 million rupiah, current exchange rate) because it also has one Has monoblock. Premium installed. It is also possible that this motherboard is only available specifically for the Japanese market.