COLORFUL DDR4 memory | Pemmzchannel

COLORFUL announces its latest DDR4 memory variant, which is available in two series, namely CVN Guardian and WARHALBERD.

The CVN Guardian series is for those of you who want to build a gaming PC for the latest AMD platform. This series offers high performance and is equipped with a futuristic high-performance heat spreader with excellent heat dissipation to ensure stable gaming performance.

The CVN Guardian series uses the selected Hynix CJR DRAM chip to achieve stable performance and excellent overclockability. It also supports the XMP 2.0 automatic overclocking feature for a quick performance boost.

The CVN Guardian game memory has an RGB light bar that supports ARGB synchronization via the iGame Center. This product also supports the motherboard ARGB synchronization technology including ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, and ASRock Polychrome Sync. In addition, the CVN Guardian RGB lighting has a heat distribution laser with aluminum engraving.

CVN Guardian undergoes rigorous testing, including 48 hours of rigorous quality checks, to ensure stability and reliability. Colorful CVN Guardian is available in three options: single module DDR4-2666 8 GB, single module DDR4-3200 8 GB and single module DDR4-3200 16 GB.


Model DDR4-2666 8G DDR4-3200 8G DDR4-3200 16G module capacity 8 GB 8 GB 16 GB DDR4 frequency 2666 MHz DDR4 3200 MHz DDR4 3200 MHz time sequence 19-19-19-43 16-18-18-38 16-20 -20-40 voltage 1.2 V 1.35 V 1.25 V.

Meanwhile, the WARHALBERD series is intended for the third generation AMD Ryzen platform and Intel desktops for a wider range of applications, from games to home PCs to office PCs. It does not use a heat spreader and is offered at a more attractive price.

The WARHALBERD is available in the single module packages DDR4-2666 8G and DDR4-3000MHz 8G and has passed a rigorous 48-hour test with excellent compatibility on current and previous generation motherboards. This series supports the automatic overclocking function XMP 2.0 and has a DDR4 CXMT memory chip (ChangXin Memory Technologies).


Model DDR4-2666 8G DDR4-3000 8G module capacity 8 GB 8 GB Frequency DDR4 2666 MHz DDR4 3000 MHz Time sequence 18-18-18-43 16-18-18-38 Voltage 1.2 V 1.35 V.

COLORFUL CVN Guardian DDR4 gaming memory will be available in multiple regions of the world at MSRP prices of $ 49 for DDR4-2666 8G, $ 69 for DDR4-3200 8G, and $ 99 for DDR4-3200 16G . In the meantime, availability and prices for the COLORFUL WARHALBERD series have not been disclosed.