Intel Alder Lake Leaks with LGA1700 socket and rectangular circuit board

So far, Intel has only confirmed that two new CPU types will be released in 2021. The first is Rocket Lake, which uses the LGA1200 socket and is slated for the first quarter of 2021, while the second is Alder Lake, which uses the LGA1700 socket and is scheduled to be released in mid-2021. This CPU will be the first desktop PC CPU to use 10nm manufacturing technology or higher. better known as 10nm SuperFin (10 ++).

The Intel Alder Lake CPU family will bring more than just architectural improvements. This is the first line of CPUs on the mainstream desktop platform to feature a mix of smaller “Atom” cores and larger “Core” cores packaged on a circuit board larger than the square chips that are Intel has built in the past decade.

Image source: Videocardz (via wccftech)

In the picture above you can see that Alder Lake has a shape that is more like a rectangle with a size of 37.5 x 45.0 mm than the Rocket Lake with a square shape with a size of 37.5 x 37.5 mm.

Due to the new shape and size, Alder Lake CPUs and all future CPUs are no longer compatible with the existing socket layouts (LGA1200 and earlier). So a new socket was needed, and for Alder Lake-S it was the LGA 1700 socket. Still on the back of the circuit board was the pin layout of the earth grid array, and there were 1,700 total gold contact areas while a large number of caps could converge in the center of the circuit board.

In addition to chips, the LGA 1700 platform should have the latest and greatest I / O technologies, such as: B. Support for DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0 and new Thunderbolt / WiFi functions.