Why Microsoft Windows 10 Free

Before Windows 10 was officially released by Microsoft, you had to install the operating system before the PC could be used. For reasons of cost, it was also not cheap to buy an operating system like Windows. Even if you can successfully install it without paying a dime, the Windows you installed could only take 30 days.


Now Microsoft has allowed its users to use Windows 10 for free, either from a previous Windows upgrade or you can download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft’s official website.

The only downside to this free version is a watermark that asks users to activate Windows and cannot change the theme / wallpaper on Windows. Aside from these shortcomings, you get the same functionality as with activated Windows.

Why did Microsoft let the hugely popular Windows 10 be free?

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In the 2000s, many users didn’t want to pay a fortune to replace / upgrade their version of Windows. Because of this, Microsoft has decided to let many of its users move to Windows 10 for free instead of making their users pay but having to do maintenance on Windows that are already lagging behind.

In addition, Microsoft announced that there are no new Windows version other than monthly updates for Windows 10.

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Windows Income

How does Microsoft earn income when Windows 10 is free?

There are more computer users out there than ever before, and Microsoft strongly recommends that users purchase software from their app store. Microsoft is also working to integrate its users into the Microsoft ecosystem.

For example, if you’re using Windows 10 and want to use cloud storage, Microsoft has provided OneDrive as a solution. If you do not have enough storage space to store the data, Microsoft offers a storage space upgrade for an additional fee, depending on the storage capacity.


Another way for Microsoft to get revenue from embedding ads in Windows 10, especially from other products like Office 365 subscriptions. Microsoft also makes revenue by selling Windows 10 licenses to EOM, which sells desktop or laptop PC products, large companies with lots of computers, and home users who are resentful about the Windows activation watermark. Although Microsoft pays for other services, we can at least use Windows 10 for free.

Source: Techquickie
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