Among Trump Attacks, Rep. Ilhan Omar Receives Hero’s Welcome Home

ilhan omar

Ilhan Omer: On Thursday, one of the freshman Democratic congress women, Rep. Ilhan Omar who was facing attacks from Donald Trump and his supporters, got a hero’s welcome back at her home district in Minnesota. 

As she emerged from her flight a cheering crown at the airport in the Twin Cities held banners with slogans like ‘Stop Racism Now’ and recited ‘Welcome Home Ilhan’.

She said into a megaphone, ‘We are going to carry on to be a nightmare to this president, as his policies are frightening to us. We are not discouraged, we are not scared, and we are ready.’

All through this past week, Trump has targeted Omar as well as her fellow progressive congresswomen Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio and with frequent attacks. He said in a tweet on Sunday, the four women of color must ‘go back and help fix the completely broken and offense infested places from which they came.’

On Wednesday, at a rally, Trump attacked every congresswoman separately. As he spoke about Omar, the mass started to chant ‘send her back,’ echoing the tweet of the president.

How Ilhan Omer first came to the U.S.?

An American citizen, Omar came to the United States as an immigrant from Somalia when she was a kid.

On Thursday, Trump attempted to distance himself from the racist repetition saying ‘I was not happy with that communication that they gave last night’.

Whereas, as NPR’s Tamara Keith noted, ‘truly, Trump stood there for 13 seconds as the chant nonstop, waiting for it to die down prior to he resumed his remarks.’

On Thursday, Omar traveled to the Twin Cities for taking part in a town hall for discussing ‘Medicare for All’. Omar told the crowd, ‘I know there are many people who are trying to divert us now, but I want you all to make out that we are not going to let them’.

Omar told reporters in Washington D.C., earlier in the day that she sees the president as a ‘fascist’ and also said that she considered this fight about ‘what this country truly should be’. 

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