An overview of Halloween in 2019

Halloween: In the year 2019, it is on Thursday, the 31st of October.

Every year Halloween is celebrated on 31st October. Halloween is the new name of an ancient Celtic holiday ‘Samhain’. Public celebrate this day as a sacred starting of a new year. The different activities done in Halloween are frequently linked with the thought to get good fortune.

Halloween Facts:

Date Oct 31, 2019
Also Known as 31st October
Celebrations Wearing Costumes, Games, Trick-or-Treat, Bonfires

Very old believed that on this day ghosts came back to the earth. It is said that on this day, the spirits of dead people come back to the earth and search of living bodies to take for the next year and try to come back to the homes where they were living. So for soothing these spirits people give them nuts and fruits. If people failed to please these spirits it is believed that the spirits would kill them or obliterate their belongings.

Traditionally Halloween costumes are related to skeletons, ghosts, devils, and witches. Orange and Black are the eminent color for this day. For Halloween, the Jack-o-lantern is the festival light. A good substitute for the turnip is Pumpkin and to be used as Jack-o-lantern.

For children on Halloween trick-or-treating is a traditional celebration. Kids in their dress go from house to house, asking for treats and questions such as ‘Trick or treat’? The word ‘trick’ means a threat to problem the homeowners or their belongings if no treat is given. People usually give chocolate to the kids who come to their home.

At present, many churches, as well as schools, organize Halloween parties for the children. People generally have parties, do bonfires, wear Halloween costumes, watch horror movies and also read and tell terrifying stories about ghosts, skeletons, bats and witches. 


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