U.S. Steel Shares Drop on Weak Demand

Do U.S. Steel’s problems signal a longer-term struggle for the industry? Domestic steel producer U.S. Steel is down over 11% today to about $11 per share after highs over $13 earlier this... Read more »
FedEx Delivery

FedEx Delivery Could Cost Even More in 2020

Will stakeholders stomach FedEx Delivery rates … and will new quarterly numbers change FDX’s course? FedEx stock is soaring along at near $173 per share this morning, prior to an earnings report... Read more »
Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobile Shares Up on Oil Price News

Is Exxon Mobile boost an indicator of future gains or just a brief blip? Exxon Mobile stock is up about 1.5% this morning as market watchers are seeing share prices like $73.65,... Read more »
vm ware

VMWare Goes After Carbon Black

VMWare’s acquisition of Carbon Black shows how smart additions can propel network firms forward. Tech company VMware stock was up over 1% in pre-market trading this morning and now stands above $155... Read more »

Visa Looks Robust Amid Market Volatility

Is Visa’s stock back on track? New reports are showing specific types of success for the Visa company, an established player in conventional finance that’s a household name to many depositors and... Read more »