British Man Sacked From Job Following Daring Shark Attack Rescue

Paul Marshallsea, age 62, and his wife Wendy have been fired after their employer viewed film footage of him wrestling a shark on Bulcock Beach in Australia.

The shark was likely going to attack children playing in the shallow waters of the beach when Marshallsea sprung into the action and pulled the shark away by its tail and dodging its deadly bite.

The heroics won Marshallsea praise from the general public but not from his employer, Pant and Dowlais Boys & Girls Club. It turns out that both Marshallsea and his wife are employed by the same company and were on two months of leave for work related stress.

The company is claiming that the film footage of the couple in Australia is proof enough that the disabilities claim was fraudulent and that Paul’s heroics against the shark further underscored his fitness. Paul is claiming that the trip to Australia was booked on the advice of his physician.

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