An overview of Halloween in 2019

Halloween: In the year 2019, it is on Thursday, the 31st of October. Every year Halloween is celebrated on 31st October. Halloween is the new name of an ancient Celtic holiday ‘Samhain’.... Read more »

In Northwest Rochester Major Power Outage

Madison power outage : This afternoon, it is expected that approximately 3400 businesses and homes were highly affected by a power outage in Rochester.  For Rochester Public Utilities crews it took about... Read more »
ilhan omar

Among Trump Attacks, Rep. Ilhan Omar Receives Hero’s Welcome Home

Ilhan Omer: On Thursday, one of the freshman Democratic congress women, Rep. Ilhan Omar who was facing attacks from Donald Trump and his supporters, got a hero’s welcome back at her home... Read more »

What is the reality of Washington nationals? What they are actually?

It was a team for baseball that was sinking towards down direction for the first two months. Other competitors were an all-star break. They climb up 47-42 and were ranked in the... Read more »

The situation faced by Louisiana

It was a Thursday at Louisiana when tropical storm Barry was formed off at the coast. It was too horrible and a feel or blowing ashore was felt because of the hurricane... Read more »