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To spend her Friday night in Toledo, Pat Withem of Clyde, Ohio, took a day off from work and she did not regret it. 


‘I am so very happy, the Jeep Festival is doing an outstanding job,’ said the Whirlpool Corp.’s Clyde facility worker at Promenade Park as she took a break from dancing by the stage as Sugar Pax performed Gloria Gaynor’s disco usual, ‘I Will Survive.’

Ms. Withem, whose niece and nephew were singing in the band, was one of the 100s of people, who came Friday to 2019 Toledo Jeep Fest’s kick-off concert featuring former keyboardist Dennis DeYoung and Styx frontman. 

She was there with 7 family members for helping kick off the festival as well as support band members Tony Salazar, her nephew and Natasha Salazar, her niece. 

She said, ‘I am so proud of them.’ ‘We are all into Jeep and I am just so glad that tonight we are all here together.’

Mr. Leiter, also of Clyde, said he was enjoying himself as well, mainly since it was the first time he attended a Jeep Fest and because he works at Jeep.

He said, ‘I work there and I am proud.’ ‘To this city Jeep is very important. It is like the backbone of the entire city.’ Moreover, Doug Porter, who was having a beer close by fully agreed to this.

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