DNA test brings 4 Indiana sisters closer after 70 years

DNA test brings 4 Indiana sisters closer after 70 years : The DNA test brought back smiles among 4 natives of northwest Indiana who turned out to be sisters. Separated right after birth, they couldn’t believe themselves about such a pleasant shock as they were pinching one another to sink-in with the reality. They are Jennifer – 53 from St. John, Indiana , Jody 55, from Tampa, FLorida Tami – 69 from Scottsdale, Arizona and Fran – 70 from Cedar Bluff, Alabama .

The physical features of all of them resembled one another whether it was face, blond hair and tan which further made them crazy and excited.

Naturally, for them including their elder sister Fran, who is 70 years, the current state is packed with excitement, jubilation as all of them are finally learning to be siblings. Why not, as they are real sisters they have many other attributes in common apart from physical appearance. For example, sisters namely Tami and Fran love ice-cream, have scoliosis and identical bunions. Incidentally both of them have replaced their knees and even more surprising is that, they both crochet.
Such increasing similarities are enough to bring all the world’s love which a sister yearns from her elder siblings and vice-versa
75 years back, all of them were sent for adoption by their unmarried parents Joesh Burba and Helen Wierzbicki where no one had any idea about the existence of others.
Interesting, exciting, emotional and funny, yes so many different emotional aspects, all clubbed in one. The outpour of love is certainly manifolds and why not where such a blood relation has been thirsty of love, care and emotional bonding as the big part of their lives were spent away from each other.

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