First details and Specifications of the future Windows 11

Is Microsoft thinking of Windows 11 … or the next Windows that will ” power ” the devices of the future? Although Windows 10 May Update 2019 has just arrived, it seems that those of Redmond are already planning how Windows 11, Windows Lite or whatever they want to call the new operating system after the ” successful ” Windows 10.


We say ” successful ” because, although it may not have the reputation of Windows 7 or Windows XP, it is clear that Windows 10 has been a triumph after Windows Vista or the two versions of Windows 8, two operating systems that lasted very little time in the market. However, although Microsoft is continually adding features to Windows, at some point they will have to ” break ”, take a leap and move to a new operating system.

It is called Windows 11 or Windows Lite, as has been rumored on occasion, from Microsoft and talk about what features will have the new operating system. And no, it does not talk about Windows 10 Ultra.

Nick Parker, vice president of the device sales division of Microsoft, has taken the opportunity to detail the characteristics of Microsoft’s next-generation operating system, and how that system will meet the ” needs ” of the devices from the future.


Parker does not refer at any time to these new features as part of Windows 10,which leads us to think of something new like Windows 11. According to him, the new devices will need an operating system that provides the fundamental experiences that customers expect from the same.

That is, it would not be the same Windows in a 2 in 1, on a tablet, in a convertible or on a desktop PC or laptop, but the system would adapt to the device to provide the best options depending on the characteristics of it. On the other hand, updates will be in the background without disturbing the user and will be made constantly thanks to Wi-Fi and 5G connections.

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