iOS 13 will allow making silence for unknown numbers.

iOS 13 can be set to prevent calls from unknown numbers.

Silence Unknown Callers developed to help iPhone users avoid annoying incoming calls from unknown phone numbers or spam calls. Users can enable it in the settings section.


When the Silence Unknown Callers feature is enabled, when someone calls in, Siri Intelligence will check the phone number that is recorded in the email list and the message. If the phone number is not in the record number, the call will be sent to Voice mail And there will be no calls appearing on the screen Including no ringing tones from this unknown phone number


This feature is suitable for people who want to avoid calling from unknown numbers or numbers that we do not have memory. Helps to avoid calls that are always on the spam network.


Previously in iOS 12, there may be some users who use the Do not Disturb mode and can only allow calls to favorite contacts or use the Who Call app to help avoid calls from unknown numbers. Which may not be very convenient in everyday life, so the Silence Unknown Callers feature in iOS 13 will help solve the problem and make you no longer have to worry about this

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