Is NBA free agency affecting baseball?

Money is pouring literally on the baseball players, thanks to the NBA free agency which is in the centre of attraction.
In what is termed to be insanity by the fans with regards to the madness of the previous 10 days, the NBA owners have entered into contract with players for more than $3 billion in a matter of few hours understandably inviting surprises and shock.

The bunch of players have chosen another team which upsets the actual baseball game of a team holding national importance.
The elite gathered at one platform at the “All Star Game” for trying to give boost to a game with fading shine. They was optimism in the air about the progress of the game currently. Since, big leagues are no where around, and kids are out school too.


Baseball has seen a losing popularity amongst the younger audience. In such a scenario, players and the league are hopeful that NBA style free agent bonanza will go a long way in turning the tables for the game which is in dire need of popularity. Currently, the NBA superstars earn much less than they deserve. Therefore, they find it financially feasible to pick their own teams and teammates.
As per the views of Scott Boras, the players value is undermined and he goes on further to say that NBA is a false system. Since, some of the renowned names such a Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have new team Brooklyn Nets whereas Knicks has a failure again for not getting a star player.

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