“Miracle” Toddler survives sepsis and meningitis miraculously

In what could have been a double heartbreak for a mum whose second twin baby stopped breathing weeks after the first one died in womb, toddler Elli-Grace Wainwright’s recovery from two deadly illness is indeed a miracle .
Mother Charlotte Carpenter, 21 has told that her six weeks old daughter stopped breathing, turned grey and was hurriedly admitted in Royal Stoke University hospital.

Doctors were not very hopeful after the diagnosis from meningitis and sepsis.
Charlotte is sharing her story in a bid to sensitize parents about the signs of diseases.
She recalled the time, when she was in the hospital for a check-up when both her twins were healthy and she happened to check on a leaflet which sensitized about meningitis. She only hoped that she shouldn’t has to go through such a fate, where her children suffer from this, but destiny has something else in store.
Brad says that when his wife went to hospital in Staffordshire to get Elli-Grace Wainwright checked, he was hoping them to return in three hours, but it turned out to be three weeks.
Well, the parents are happy, nonetheless as their daughter is back with her normal self

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