Oprah told why she and Gayle King ‘will always be in corner of each other’

Oprah told why she and Gayle King ‘will always be in corner of each other’ :In the ‘80s, Oprah and Gayle King have ‘moved through’ their friendship ‘with all respect and regard.’ Our friendship has stood the test of time, she said. 


You might have heard me tell the story, which I have told frequently over the years: In the winter of the year 1976, at the Baltimore television station when Gayle King was a production assistant where I was co-anchor of the evening news, a snowstorm prohibited her from getting back home to the periphery. We were only colleagues, not friends, but I invited her for spending the night at my place. We sat up and talked till sunrise and have been talking from then.

We have never lived in a similar city, but we have always shared the same principles. For years, at our friendship, people have marveled and sometimes misinterpreted it.

They see their own connections in our friendship. It’s why people over and over again introduce their best friends to me as ‘She is my Gayle.’ Right now, Gayle is having a growing moment.

Apart from this, after years of doing local television, comprising 18 years at WFSB in Hartford, she has as a final point stepped into her peak role.


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