Over the Glazers, Gary Neville in a spat with former Man Utd teammate

Over the Glazers, Gary Neville in a spat with former Man Utd teammate  : In a Twitter spat, Gary Neville has become embroiled with previous Manchester United teammate John O’Kane.

In recent weeks the fans of Manchester United continued their protests against the owners of clubs with the #GlazersOut movement stepping up in front of the season opener with Chelsea.

Sky Sports pundit Neville has not convinced the Old Trafford chiefs on social media will take any discern of the protests from supporters. And that has led to a conflict with O’Kane, who was part of the club’s Class of 92 alongside David Beckham, Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. 

Answering to a first tweet branding him a ‘Glazer apologist’, Neville said that ‘From muppets on here who think somewhat trending or an ex-player having a go will shift the owners out of the club! The owners do not leave clubs except they want to or are being hurt commercially.

‘A little bit of sound on here is not going to do a jot! It is like a fly offensive an elephant!’

That post ruffled O’Kane, who replied to his previous teammate: ‘Fans of #GlazersOut are trying to generate awareness of what the owners are doing to Man Utd simple.

Neville posted, ‘Are there 2 John O’Kanes? The one I knew that trembled at the idea of giving his all for the club and was unprincipled whilst wearing the shirt.’

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