Pompeo accuses China of using corruption

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday accused China of seeking to establish its power and expand its influence by corrupting leaders of developing countries.

In an interview with conservative radio broadcaster Hugh Hewitt, the head of the US diplomacy said, “China’s ability to use its money around the world.”

“When China comes forward and offers bribes in exchange for infrastructure projects, it has a negative effect on the people in the country in question,” said Mike Pompeo. It is a system that the United States intends to fight “at every moment”.

With rising trade tensions with Beijing, the United States is warning developing countries increasingly against the Chinese economic offensive.

According to Mike Pompeo, this Chinese propensity to use its war chest to increase its influence in the world intensified during the last two or three years.

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged in 2015 to spend $ 250 billion on direct investment in Latin America and the Caribbean. He had also mentioned twice that amount in trade, threatening to dislodge the United States from its position as the leading economic partner of these countries.

The US warning about corruption is part of a deteriorating bilateral relationship between China and the United States. In addition to the tariffs imposed by the administration of Donald Trump on half of Chinese imports, the United States criticize Beijing on the issue of religious freedoms and are worried about its military activities in the South China Sea.

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