Princess Diana astonished imperial family into quiet during Christmas supper

Princess Diana astonished imperial family into quiet during Christmas supper : An author has claimed that the royal family were left in shocked after Princess Diana began a discussion over their relevance during Christmas supper.


Princess Diana is believed to have brought up the issue concerning whether the royals would stay appropriate in  Federal Europe, leaving any semblance of the Queen and spouse Princes Charles stunned.

The author wrote in his book ‘Diana: Her True Story’ that the Price Charles, the queen and rest of the royal family looked at her as though she was frantic and proceeded with their discussion on who shot the last pheasant of the day, a talk which continued the rest of the evening.

Diana’s stressed association with the royal family has been well-archived. 


The book proceeds: “As a companion says: ‘She finds the government claustrophobic and finished obsolete with no significance to the present life and issues. 

“She feels that it is a disintegrating establishment and accepts that the family won’t realize what has hit is in a couple of years’ time except if it changes as well”.

 Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated after15 years of marriage in the year 1996.

Ingrid Seward, stated in her book ‘The Queen and Di: The Untold Story’, that the both of them met in Kensington Palace at the first-floor in the drawing room.

As Diana walked into the room, she is affirmed to have asked Charles: “For what reason did this need to occur?”

Princes Charles got married to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, in the year 2005 after eight years of Princess Diana’s demise.

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