Space rock threat: Scientists get ready as ‘dangerous’ astroid shoots towards Earth

Space rock threat: Scientists get ready as ‘dangerous’ astroid shoots towards Earth :The space rock, named 2006 QQ23, is double the size of London’s Shard. A “possibly risky” space rock is one that could cause “huge local harm” in the event that it hammers into Earth, starting stress via web-based networking media. Nonetheless, researchers demand 2006 QQ23 will pass the planet without affecting, and will be further away than the Moon.


A past space rock is believed to have been in charge of the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction occasion 66 million years back, which cleared out the dinosaurs.

NASA predicts the astroid will be around 5 million miles from Earth as it passes.

A bigger astroid, accepted to be around 1,700 foot long, is relied upon to pass Earth later in the year.

It is relied upon to shoot by on 14th September , coming within the miles of 3.5 million of the planet.

Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator has recently cautioned about the threats of a space rock crash.

While no crash is anticipated throughout the following 100 years he cautioned it couldn’t be totally precluded.


Mr Bridenstein stated that they need to make people understand that this is not about the movies or about Hollywood but this is about  securing the main planet we know, at the present time, to have life – and that is our planet Earth.

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