After 30 years, the Spanish Justice ruled that the singer Julio Iglesias (75) is the father of Javier Sánchez Santos (43).

The singer had refused to provide a DNA test, but the judge of Valencia José Miguel Bort declared the filiation in a sentence that highlights the “obvious physical resemblance” between the two, according to the BBC.

The new son of Julio Iglesias is the result of the relationship between María Edite Santos, and the artist, who coincided in a party hall on the Costa Brava. It was the summer of 1975 and the artist was then married to Isabel Preysler.

“The possibility that sexual relations have existed between them is neither improbable nor absurd,” the judge said.

The decision closes, initially, a legal soap opera started three decades ago, when the mother of Javier promoted the first demand for paternity. Then, as now, a Court of First Instance gave him the reason and declared the artist father, but the decision was revoked on appeal due to a procedural defect

“Habemus sentence: the judge declares me the biological son of Julio Iglesias, ” Javier Sanchez Santos wrote in his Instagram account after hearing the ruling.

Sánchez’s lawyer, Fernando Osuna, said that María Edite Santos had a love affair with Julio Iglesias in Catalonia in July 1975, and that nine months later Javier was born.

On the other hand, the lawyer of Churches, Fernando Falomir, already announced that his client will appeal the sentence at the same time that lamented the “absence and total lack of evidence” that according to him consists in the ruling.

And although he admitted that his represented coincided in a party with Javier’s mother, he said that “that cannot be any indication that they maintained relations.”


Known for his romantic ballads and prolific love life, Julio Iglesias is the father of eight children, three of his marriage to Isabel Preysler and five more with his current wife Miranda Rijnsburger.

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