Target and Disney add Magic to 25 Stores This Fall

target and disney

Can a new Target and Disney addition bring companies to new heights?

American mega-retailer Target is going back to the power of a long-loved brand — it plans to open new Disney shops inside 25 of its stores this fall.

According to a press release from Target, Disney fans will be able to walk into these selected locations and find a corner of the store devoted to iconic figures like Mickey Mouse as well as some of Disney’s newer beloved characters and themes in an interactive setting.

Along with the plan to feature these Disney shops inside retail locations, Target will also open its own store near the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando — planners say that should happen by 2021. As for the in-store Disney shops, Target plans to add 40 more of these installations to stores by October of next year.

What’s in the Target and Disney Shop?

Target will start unveiling its new Disney shops when shoppers are scrambling for last-minute Halloween purchases (and finding instead aisles of Thanksgiving wares). Target will launch the specially designed Disney-themed areas to offer unique features with a strong focus on the customer’s experience.

Here’s a glimpse of what consumers can expect from the Disney-in-Target experience, according to MarketWatch. The areas will be about 750 square feet each and located near the children’s toy sections of the stores. They’ll have music as well as interactive displays.

The Disney shops will also feature photo opportunities and movie-viewing areas where shoppers can watch clips of Disney films and programming.

Target’s move isn’t the first of its kind – in 2013 Disney launched shops inside 565 J.C. Penney locations. That was an event that J.C. Penney senior vice president and general children’s merchandise manager Betsy Schumacher said was “a fairytale come true.” Back then, J. C. Penney’s stock rested around $7.00 per share. Now, it’s seen some staggering losses, having ebbed away to a current value of just over 50 cents.

Now, a few years later, Target is echoing  this sentiment in their press release announcing the Disney shops: “You might say it’s all a dream come true…”

Price Effects

It’s tough to say if the announcement significantly moved either stock. Looking at Disney’s price action recently, it doesn’t seem like its new locales in Target stores have moved the needle. Disney slumped down a couple of points from its price five days ago, moving from $145 to $135 this month.

Still, the stock action is above values it ranged in prior to April 11. That’s when the stock price spiked from just over $110 to above $130. It went as high as $140 before sinking back down into a middle range that it’s maintained over the summer.

As for Target, the stock is staying above the $100 value that it cracked August 21. That price point takes Target to new all-time highs.

The future price action on both stocks should take into account the joint partnership of Disney bringing its magic to the aisles of one of America’s favorite stores. Shoppers can learn more information on the Disney integration at a dedicated co-branded website

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