The situation faced by Louisiana

It was a Thursday at Louisiana when tropical storm Barry was formed off at the coast. It was too horrible and a feel or blowing ashore was felt because of the hurricane together with heavy rainfall. 14 years ago due to hurricane Katrina, flood control measures were made in New Orleans. This was the time of taste for this set up made 14 years ago.  It was declared in news by weather forecasters to be safe especially for the swampy state of a southern tip from the first hurricane that may come on Friday. It was in the form of downpours that will be continuing for a long period.

Two troubles were faced by southeast Louisiana and on the other hand, it was expected that there are chances of flash floods as Mississippi river was to overflow and attack New Orleans.

A horrible hurricane covered a long distance of Louisiana coast from Mississippi mouth to Cameron.

The flood destroyed everything. The heavy traffic and cars were smashed. The business on the streets and hotels downtown were damaged.


Everything was happening rapidly:

Donald Street who has his restaurant said, “I must have got to work about a quarter to 7”. Because at 7.15 water was found everywhere and his Restuarant was on basin street flood. This was a third time when natural calamity was knocking at their door.  Once it was in 2017.  the year 2017 when a flash flood came. A major problem was introduced related to the street drainage.

A pumping system for draining street. However, the sewerage and water board director Ghassan Korban said that heavy rain would prove all the system fail.

 The action was taken:

Whole Louisiana coast will be provided with a safeguard from National Guard troops and high water vehicles would be made available everywhere.

It was difficult for tourist and residential people also to fight from the horrible situation.  A distance that requires 15 min to go through was talking about two to three hours. Officials of New Orleans asked the people to bring their grocery and necessary things required in daily routine for three days at least. It was also requested by officials to keep the drainage system clear in their surroundings. This will help them to let water pass easily. And set them free from the worst situation and will allow them to get in their routine.

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