The stories behind the songs : Tori Kelly’s Inspired by True Events

The stories behind the songs: Tori Kelly’s Inspired by True Events : Tori Kelly, fresh from her 2x Grammy winning Gospel record Hiding Place now is finally ready for the world to hear her most private album to date.


Inspired by True Events and correctly titled sees the celebrity bare her soul during sixteen songs documenting the unstable years since her last commercial pop release; Unbreakable Smile of 2015.

When asked that what is the story behind coffee, she said:

It is not most likely one of the faves on the album. I wrote it with Nate Campany and Taylor Parks and I love the lyrics. Coffee did not seem to have a place somewhere else on the album other than the first track. 

About ’12/16/92′ she said, ‘All through the album there were 4 interludes, which is something I have always wanted to do. ‘It’s my grandma, my dad and my mum speaking to me when I was a small baby, I was two days old and the interludes were added very last minute, and I felt like ‘this is my album.’

I wrote, ‘Change Your Mind’ after a week my now husband proposed to me. 


I was in Los Angeles, where there are obviously a lot of actors and actresses, and then I wrote Actress after a dinner conversation. 


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