Tiger Woods Searches for the Bright Spots, In His Twilight

Tiger Woods Searches for the Bright Spots, In His Twilight :In April, since his dramatic Masters victory, Tiger Woods has struggled a lot for competing as well as adjusting his workload in accordance with his back pain.


From Liberty National Golf Club’s 10th tee box, the Tiger Woods hit in the direction of a distant Manhattan skyline that was fully shrouded in clouds. The images were crystalline even if the horizon was not.

Thursday morning at the Northern Trust, Woods who is 43 years old, the first FedEx Cup playoff event, he did not know what the next few hours would disclose about either his body or his game. His four-over-par 75, his 5th over-par score in 13 rounds as his Masters victory in April, offered more questions than precision.


Tiger Woods said, ‘It just feels annoying to shoot anything high doesn’t matter how I feel.’ He also added that his back was ‘a little bit inflexible, yes, but that is just the way it’s going to be.’

Moreover, after the four back operations, he has to look at each of his scorecards like a scratch-off lottery ticket; he can still strike the jackpot, but as he is not sure what every new day will disclose, the part of luck looms larger.


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