What is the reality of Washington nationals? What they are actually?

It was a team for baseball that was sinking towards down direction for the first two months. Other competitors were an all-star break. They climb up 47-42 and were ranked in the national league wildcard race. There was high competition in this match. The second battle they have to fight is against Atlanta Braves, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers, and braves. It is on Friday night in Philadelphia.

What do you think about the trade deadline that is on July 31? Is there any effect of this trade deadline on the nationals for extending Anthony redone? On the other hand, these will begin trade for him for MLB prospectus.

Answer – as it is found that there is no connection between renden now and the new hard stop trade deadline. As there was an option for competing in July last time and perform trade in august but there is no option at this moment. Washington similar to other franchises has to follow the deadline of July 31 if they want to continue their investment in rosters and shed.

What do you think who will be the fifth starter?

Answer- one of the important problems is bullpen but there are chances for figuring out the second half of the nationals. There is a need for someone who can go for long innings and maintain a ball game.  There are no nationals on Monday so there is an option of leaving the fifth starter on 22 July. There are four reliable features in the nationals; the fifth one is yet to have emerged.

After watching the first half, do you think Bryce Harper and the Phillies are villains to DC? According to you, is it for the first time the nationals are the part of this real rivalry?

Answer- this question can be answered by people who are the real fans for nationals. Because it is not possible for me to keep a record for Harper and his teammates. However, the second half match is really a good chance that Harper’s team can grip for rivalry. The leading party for the nationals is Phillies, according to the half-game atop and the wildcard standing.  There is a strong competition between both and Atlanta Braves in the NL East. They have to fight for the first three games in Philadelphia at 6:05 p.m Friday and later too at the weekends.

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